"Ever Dance With the Devil by the Pale Moon Light?"

GRAH! I'll tell ya' what gets in the way of posting work to your site...MORE WORK! We got ourselves a chicken and eggs sitch right here, oh yeah!

Here is a pretty interesting cover thing. Another collaborative effort with photoman Neal Santos. Done for the winning entry in the writing contest, this initial photoshoot took us to the shores of the Delaware river, on both the Phil and Jers side, to capture a dilapidated Peco building (which was the setting of the story). On the Phil side, it was close to the final resting places of the final resting places of the former Monument Cemetary (see here for more details.).

Anyways, when all was done, it was up to me to (in the editors words) "Get creepy on it". So I took to the black ink and water once again, and drew out the creepyness.

The inside was initially a shot of the "power farm" planted just within the "danger zone" we snuck around. I wish I could have taken more shots at the shoreline, but mud is wicked slippery.