T Shirts

Here are a few designs for screen-printed shirts available at my booth at MONSTER MANIA this weekend (go to the convention site here). This is the first of (hopefully) many new shirts I produce with the assistance of Awesome Dudes Printing, who do great work.

The above T-design started when a good friend asked me to draw (as others have in a tradition of his) on his new chalkboard wall at the top of his stairs. That was before the end of 2013, and yet it still is there now. Apparently they like it. I did too, and it went on to the sketch (right), then to the piece at the top. 

Someday this wolf may too make it onto a screened shirt. It just lost out this round. These shirts (amongst many art prints) are available at my store! Visit now, and get 'em all!

Arlecch Returns...

As part of an ongoing project I dip into here and there (the Arlecchino series, as I would call it). I present the titular character "the Arlecch". 

It seemes there is a clown shortage in America. This is absolutely true. I imagine its due to the continued fear people have for clowns. So why not channel that fear through characters like this lil' bastard?

The Bearded Eye

I don't often go FULL paint or ink for a piece. I guess its just nervousness, or time restraints. Not sure, but here is one particular piece largely created with ink. I have gone through a few different iterations of the bearded cyclops over the years. It is now Im happy with the final piece. Enjoy!


This little fella, man...He's like a little mascot for me. I would like to have a person dressed as Morg (thats his name, or its name) at events/shows for me. My son, Morg ladies and gentlemen.