"...But You Can Make Yourself Into Gold"

I have been a fan of Alejandro (Alexandro) Jodorowsky's for quite some time now (specifically 2nd year of college). During this those first few years, I was in fervent search of his films, specifically "The Holy Mountain". Eventually I found out that they were all being officially re-released, and I snatched them up without hesitation. Good move. 

Here is my piece/poster for the film. I have heard rumblings of a renewed interest in this particular movie. I think this is quite good, as Jodorowsky deserves the credit. I don't however like people exclaiming long-time interest in his work as "riding a trend". That's uncool. So don't do that. Instead, just enjoy, and share your interest. That, and pick up a copy of this print in my store!

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Not a trend!
Also "not a trend", is the practice of artists working out an idea during a cold beer at a calm restaurant/ bar. These are no exceptions. Its a good way to get away from your mental boundaries, and allow the thoughts to unravel themselves. 


I present my piece for the 20th Anniversary Hellboy show, at Hero Complex Gallery, Los Angeles. I call it "Anung-Un-Rama". for  obvious reasons (obvious if you know Hellboy. If you don't, check here). What was great about the show is Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, popped in and also showed a piece with the rest of us contributing artists! Thats fairly bitchin'. 

Like all my work, this started as a fairly basic sketch. Ill call them "Blecch Sketches", as in the written vomit sound. Actually, these sketches are much like vomit, as in I have to get them out before things get worse and I lose the idea. I tend to get a little panicky about this possibility. Thus rushed, frantic sketches. 

I was sent this photo of THE CREATOR OF HELLBOY HANGIN' OUT WITH MY PIECE!...and sure, some others.