Tough Decisions

Let me say this (actually let me say these two things): 1) Working under the watch of others is rarely, if ever easy. Things change. I can't say that enough. This ties into #2, which is: 2) Photoshop text, f-that, PHOTOSHOP is a fun program to work in. I highly doubt this is any news to anyone. I know some folks rail against it, which is perfectly fine. Even I can no longer accept it for certain kinds of artwork (more on that on a later post, probably). But I really love it (right now). By no means is the above piece proper evidence of this, other than the fact I really enjoyed making the text, which is a simple version of   what could be done...
Like this text from a previous cover. I like this better than what's above. But thats just inherent in type of text/ whatever is going on otherwise in an illustration. You get it. 
In any case, the reason I mentioned #1 above is because the cover was changed substantially (its always  a greater change to someone who actually made it, even if its not a HUGE change). There's a part of you that does not want to part with an idea that makes perfect sense to you. That part (in a professional setting) must, unfortunately, be fought and subdued. Unless you are truly calling the shots, you have to go along with the changing tides. In these jobs, you have to remove, or never really invest personal feelings to a piece (which is difficult as hell). I hate thinking this, frankly, but it seems rather necessary.

That all being said, NEVER EXTEND THE ABOVE "PROFESSIONAL POLITICS"(I really hate that whole idea as well) TO YOUR OWN WORK. Also NEVER ALLOW THE DRAG OF A "JOB" STOP YOU FROM WORKING ON YOUR OWN THINGS. You MUST make your own work! INDULGE! Be selfish with your work, allow it to be exactly you, and only you, always! Never let job limitations break your creative spirit. Do your best, take the check, and go buy some more paint!

This statement is not only to visual artists, its for anyone who do anything. Do it well, get paid, then get to the REAL work.