Star Wars

So, What About Dis Guy?

SECOND in a series of classic Star Wars characters as real life "Don't want to run into these folks at Rite Aid" I call "Bar Hordes". If you have yet to see the original lineup, look no further. In this section I present the "lady?" Sia Thripulozzi and her constant male companion, Art Ditruzio.

The top piece being the "series 2", I made another "series 2.5" of Patient #2-1B: Fred'rick Boyd...

Match names to the real characters and WIN!!!

What Do We Do Wit' Dis Guy? 2011

Here's a quick drawing exercise I made for myself: take a few recognizable characters and turn 'em into regular (or at least semi-regular) folks. So, I introduce you to Bob "Hunter" Fetterman, Stew Tropiano, and Dario Vadera.

I don't usually do direct pop-culture "homages" unless for a theme show. I enjoy working on my own variants of famous characters, its just never something I delved deeper into on my own. After doing these I may continue to explore this type of work for fun. I showed these to a few friends, and of course they had all these other characters they wanted to see. Star Wars... go figure. Its Boba Fett, a Stormtrooper, and Darth Vader btdubs. Soon to come...droids.