Brand Newness!

Here I present a few recent illustrations. Above is a photo of some writer... I don't often receive requests for classic portraits, but I jump at the chance to do so. This was made to top a weekly article, and I certainly enjoyed drawing it. Simple, steady lines man, simple steady lines. 

These are two news illustrations, the like I haven't had many chances to do lately. The first focuses on a  building protest at Philly's own Suzanne Roberts Theater. I had the chance to see Bill Irwin perform there a few years back, which was awesome. Nice theater, too. 

The second was for a story about property taxes in all Philly Neighborhoods. 

More entries in the long tradition of simple badges for new columns. The top two are for a column called "amuse bouche", which is still difficult to say with a straight face. The bottom two, were made the accompany the Hemingway portrait above. 

That's all folks.