Gallery 1988

This is Me on Level 10 Excitement. "Crazy4Cult" show

After much necessary deliberation, I present to you my piece for Gallery 1988's upcoming Crazy4Cult (yes the 4th one. Click for poster) NEW YORK!!! Its called "Always Like This". 

Crazy for Cult has been a series dedicated to cult classic films. For this, I have chosen to do a piece based on the movie "Leon" (a.k.a. "The Professional). I have moved away from digital coloring, so this is a mix of inks and pencil. I love this movie, so watching it over and over for reference was no problem.

I have shown with Gallery 1988 for some time, but this is both my and their first New York show. They have gone through a few months of back-and-forth, negotiating a new space. It has certainly worked out, because the show will take place in the esteemed Meatpacking District (address soon to follow). I just hope this is the first of many NYC shows for the Folks at '1988. I cannot wait to go!

"Is This Thing On?" Show, 2012

I proudly present my inclusion in the upcoming Gallery 1988 show: IS THIS THING ON? 2: The Weird Year. Opening March 9th, this show is the (obvious) sequel to last years first "Is This Thing On" Comedian art show. I wasn't in last years, but I AM THIS YEAR MOFO! And this year is hosted by "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC! Go figs?

Each artist is to have their choice of comedian to portray, and I chose Steven Wright. I have enjoyed the surreal, "whoa, what?" comedy this guy is master it was not so hard to choose. This piece is called "Im Exhausted from Trying to Believe Unbelievable Things".


Check out a photo gallery of this awesome show!

Candy Baaaar! "Bill Murray" Show, 2011

AAAAAAAAH! Here is my piece for the Gallery 1988 show, dedicated to Mr. Bill Murray "Please Post Bills". Once again, proudly, Im sending off some stuff thrown on paper out to Los Angeles! Excitement, and relief wash over me like...a bath? This piece, instead of picking out a favorite role ( cant pick just one ), focuses on the man within..aka the version dressed as a golden devil saying "hello!" from the golf course.