Turn to the Right...

The greatest thing about spec ads is stretching your ideas to fit a clients interests, or personality. Its good  to know what a person likes, how they approach business, etc. These were a few for an independently-owned/operator Lord and Taylor. I like stepping into fairly normal business design. Its like putting on a suit. 

Hmm, Need to Hit the A.T.M?

Working for a client you can respect, you somehow even seems to understand what the design racket is all about, is a good thing. Here is an ad (that can take forever to update) that is finally running. Above is the (hoped for) two pg spread, and below, the single pg layout. Get those expensive homes folks?

...and Get Outta That Time Machine.

This one is a bit of a late bloomer, but sometimes you can only let the cats out after things are over. This was just such a case. Originally, this was supposed to be a full suite of weekly focus sections, similar to the scope of another recent special section. I would have worked out the full design of the project, (which would have been fun) but it was not so. Only the logo (below), and the above section headers were created, not even finished before the project was scrapped. So be it, on to the next thing. 

Pump Yer Brakes!

Random, last minute, "We needed this yesterday" projects are certainly one of my specialties. This fit right in there. This was for a cover story highlighting a new production of, oh you can read what it is. Anyway, apparently a few sources fell out, and the powers that be needed something fast and good. I am pleased to say I was called in for just such a job. To get the old, worn-in look of classic posters, I relied on the classic, worn-in #2 pencil for the whole shebang. There is a huge difference to the more refined graphite, and should not be ignored when needed. 

Also, recently I attacked this cover job for a mis-trial story. A bit of a late update, but the home studio is abuzz with new projects! More on that, as things move forward...