"The Mashup" Show, 2013

FIRST POST OF 2013! Its a bit late, Im aware, but with this holiday hangover, one incident is no real issue. Anyway, I present my piece for "The Mashup Show", for the Gauntlet Gallery of San Francisco. Apparently the Gallery owner caught some of my work at Gallery 27 in 
Chicago, and was kind enough to invite me over. 

This shows theme, had the artists pick a famous work by a favored artist, and concoct their own version. In my case, I chose "Guernica", by Pablo Picasso (shown below). I remember being mesmerized by "Guernica" in an art class in the 9th grade. I may have missed half the class just looking at it. I had picked a few other pieces to tribute, but ultimately they had no chance on Guernica. Now, what drove me to adorn the board with the family of Xenomorphs, is a bit of a mystery. Perhaps its something I saw in the lines, or maybe had something to do with a thin piece of circular plastic. Who's to know?