"...But You Can Make Yourself Into Gold"

I have been a fan of Alejandro (Alexandro) Jodorowsky's for quite some time now (specifically 2nd year of college). During this those first few years, I was in fervent search of his films, specifically "The Holy Mountain". Eventually I found out that they were all being officially re-released, and I snatched them up without hesitation. Good move. 

Here is my piece/poster for the film. I have heard rumblings of a renewed interest in this particular movie. I think this is quite good, as Jodorowsky deserves the credit. I don't however like people exclaiming long-time interest in his work as "riding a trend". That's uncool. So don't do that. Instead, just enjoy, and share your interest. That, and pick up a copy of this print in my store!

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Not a trend!
Also "not a trend", is the practice of artists working out an idea during a cold beer at a calm restaurant/ bar. These are no exceptions. Its a good way to get away from your mental boundaries, and allow the thoughts to unravel themselves.