This is Me on Level 10 Excitement. "Crazy4Cult" show

After much necessary deliberation, I present to you my piece for Gallery 1988's upcoming Crazy4Cult (yes the 4th one. Click for poster) NEW YORK!!! Its called "Always Like This". 

Crazy for Cult has been a series dedicated to cult classic films. For this, I have chosen to do a piece based on the movie "Leon" (a.k.a. "The Professional). I have moved away from digital coloring, so this is a mix of inks and pencil. I love this movie, so watching it over and over for reference was no problem.

I have shown with Gallery 1988 for some time, but this is both my and their first New York show. They have gone through a few months of back-and-forth, negotiating a new space. It has certainly worked out, because the show will take place in the esteemed Meatpacking District (address soon to follow). I just hope this is the first of many NYC shows for the Folks at '1988. I cannot wait to go!