Hellboy Art Show 2009

I have recently been contributing work to shows organized by The Autumn Society, a group of mostly Philly-based artists and Illustrators. So far I have seen nothing but really excellent/ imaginative work from all the artists involved, and it has been a real pleasure to show beside them.

Recently, I was involved with their Hellboy-themed show at Brave New Worlds, a great comic book shop in Olde City. All the work centered around Hellboy characters from comic and film, and we all sent copies of our work to Mike Mignola and Guillermo Del Toro (the creator of the character and director of the movies). The piece I contributed was of the "Baba Yaga", a mythical with character. I checked out the history of the actual myth and lore surrounding the character as reference for the piece. Ultimately It was alot of fun to do an original take on something pre-existing.

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