Just In Time For The Weather To Confuse Its Way Further...

I present a recent cover illustration, or as I like to call it: "a chance to crack out some (sub-)Crayola watercolors". Going through a few "changes" as it were, sometimes one must muster their strength and figure out a way to make "magic" on the cheap. I had to make a skywriter presentation illustration, and on the "fast and furious" at that (ok, enough quotables). 
I figured such a cover would be a bit of a loose puzzle, so away I painted. Using red, I knew I would be able to subtract the lines and text, plus a fair amount of the watered down sections, so that I would have little to do to make a decent, airy skywriters vapor. After a little working and re-working, I managed to put something presentable together.  
... and such is the "make" of the venture. 

Another recent illustration of a fairly felonious simian. The classic "monkey on your back" for the out of work with criminal pasts.