The Nerve of this Empty Pen!

I have done many small cartoons/illustrations for print before, but never have I been given  a full two page spread to illustrate, until recently. I can tell I like a project when my mind begins working on different ideas as soon as I am given "the lowdown" on the it. This was absolutely the case. Its been a long time I had worked on a full comic, and I was ready for it. 

This story, written by Jess Bergman, tells the tale of Harriet Cole. Harriet was a maid/washwoman in the late 1800's who donated her body to science. Dr. Rufus Weaver was, using her donated corpse, able to accurately separate her nervous system from the rest of her, for the first time ever. Back then it was a scientific miracle. These days, it is still on display, but is mostly seen as a creepy thing in a case. 

I had been avoiding comics, mostly because I was unsure of my ability to really do one justice. Reading: no problem, even writing: no problem, but illustrating....ehhhh. After this, Im ready for more. I have already begun another. 
A small portion of the comic was separated (much like her nervous system...ehhh folks?)  for the cover.

These are the first and second sketches made for the comic. The first was just me ramblings during the initial meeting with the writer. using those, I was able to craft a more solid idea of what the comic would be. Some things were changed, but this (like all in the sketching process) were vital to solidifying MY nerves in making this comic. Fun too.