Largely a look into past work. Occasionally I will update with a few peeks into new ventures. In the meantime, see new work on my Instagram here!

Temp Residence for Out of Work Illustrations...

Ugh...work. No, not ugh...Yeehaw? I don't know. There's been lots to do lately, which is super cool, and super draining. Actually, its just too hot. Thats it. Here are a bunch of currently releasable illos. There's more in the klink. Soon, like rehabilitated doves, these illustrations/ paintings will be released upon the internet(s). Above is a currently news piece that annoyed me greatly. If you can guess the story, Ill send you a sticker. 

This is a recent cover, showcasing the story of a man haunted by the iconography of a dollar bill. No, wait, he's a banker. 
More tiny people. I wish I could tell you what they do, but I usually have to guess myself. 
This is for a cover I personally did not do. However, often with illustrated covers, I am asked to temp up an idea to show the illustrator what we would like to see. Its a bit pushy, perhaps, but its quite helpful. The final cover basically looks just like this, translated through another artists lense. Sweetness. 

Like I have posted before, the store is coming even sooner! So stay tuned...