Release The Comics?

I recently caught wind of a design competition focusing on new t shirt ideas for the third installment of the batmanish film series. I didn't want to just jump into it without a decent idea, because that simply isn't cool. Luckily one came to me fast enough to throw into the pool just shy of the deadline, and I was able to sketch and finish (see the former and latter below, plus the "T-view").

Though pleased with the idea, I have since (post deadline) thought of a few more ideas that may have worked better. But, alas, time was of the essence of the exercise. 

Surrounding the sketch page in my sketchbook, there were a few other batman-centric characters (like the jokester and the riddlish ). 

As well as these two: the new filmic Thanos, and an old favorite of mine, Venom (no-color, so maybe its the Anti-Venom character).

Till next time.