The Stone Man Walks!

When one rises from the long hours at their desks, in their studios, into the deepest wells of their work...they feel as if their bodies have turned to stone. It feels like fibrodysplasia. But what's nice, is have having a new crop of decent work done! More in the pile to go.

This first bit of mojo is one of those things where someone comes up to me and says"we need a web banner, do whatever!?". So I do. The trees begin to grow, and STINK! Eventually they birth a grip of funk berries. But that is at a later date than what is depicted here.

Mas small faces (not the band). Well, one small face.

Finally, under a somewhat normal, fairly annoying fashion, here is a depiction of someone who may or may not like the building behind them...or may or may not be on the radio. The annoying aspect being the confused, un-studied information I received. Who is this guy?