Holiday parties may just leave me with santa belly. Luckily the art projects/jobs are piling and I am picking them off like a yuletide sniper on-top of a 40 ft tall stack of presents.

Above are two more installments in the "2 Minutes with" illustrated corner. A man who does something, and a woman who does something else...ooh, food coma syphoning brain power and memory capacity.

Placed at a vertical corner away from the above (top) editorial mojamba, this piece focuses on a Northern Liberties/ Fishtown developer getting himself into the hotsauce with the locals.

And finally, to top off the holidays, here is a page I was given the opportunity to create in the Philly Cartoonist Societies yearly holiday charity coloring book. I have yet to see any of the other pages, but am eagerly awaiting my copy.

Merry flugsmas...or whatever the roast beef is not letting me say.