Blips on the Screen

I present some* recent work. That is all. I don't know. How are you? Anyways... the above illustration is based on a story about a secret division in the Philly PD called "the Happy Cops" (no joke). This elite team has been trained in etiquette, manners, and social graces in an effort to be seen as "nicer" by the public surrounding whatever area they patrol. Ok, I made up the training bits, but seriously, happy cops? Apparently Philly cops are really angry. Which I can totally agree on, based solely on the handful of times I have waved down a squad car thinking it was a cab.

* Been working on lots lately. This is just a taste of stuff I have done. Frankly, I haven't been completely into all these small illustrations, which is why I left a few out. To be even more honest, several weeks in a row, the illustrations were all on the same topic. Boooooooooooooooring.