When you look into the job, the job looks into you as well...

I think I can safely say we are all (across the states) living in an icy hell. Ice planet hell, Ice planet Hoth. Star Wars Marathon. I don't know, I have cabin fever.

For your consideration, a few new work piece art things. Oh! That thing above is a banner for the Citypaper's Critical Mass Blog.

The work CONTINUES! This story focused on a wildlife preserve that a bunch of rich folk finagled their mansion style situations upon. Turns out, they said they would preserve the lush green forests, but they DIDNT! Go figs.

This one was sorta fun. Anna Verna, the much loved President of Philly City Council is takin a hike. In her stead, all sorts of wierdos are coming out the woodwork to fill her place.

The wierdos in question. Get it?