This was a thing I did for last weeks Philly Citypaper. It was their annual writing contest, and I illustrated a little somethin(s) for the winning story (which was about a teaspoon who ((spoiler)) eventually got surgery and became a bubble wand). I would say check it out, but either a) You already have, or B) You cant because its already Thursday and a new paper is in the boxes...in which case Im sorry.

Like always, I provided a few sketches. The story had an old, passed-down feeling to it, like an victorian fairy tale or an Aesop Fable. I wanted to keep the ideas fairy clean and the style as realistic as possible. I wasn't able to sit in on the meeting for this cover, so Im not entirely sure why the idea that went through was picked. I personally liked the cutout faces (lower right box).

This little inside piece depicted a key moment in the story, when the teaspoon is about to go down some stairs or something.

This is the original, before all the window dressing went on.

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