So far, what huh?

We are in the throws of the new year, pestilence, fire and water are our terror! WTF! In any case, Im still drawing up stuff. For anyone who comes to this site regularly, PLUS all you new folks, you will notice a new button to the right called "shop". This, in the future, will be filled with all manner of purchasable wierdables, prints, and maybe even toys. There will be much more personal work coming in the next few months, so check back often. In the meantime, look below!

Its nice to know that these little exercises are still available for me. I call them exercises because I have only one or two hours to work on them, so I have to be very careful. I have gotten decent at pumping these fun little buggers out in a short period of time, and still managing to enjoy them.

This one is for a story asking the question "do the new casinos bring in NEW gamblers, or those who already gamble?".

Ed Rendell pardoned three men amongst many on death row, for seemingly no particular reason. Three guys, three wishes = Genie. Get off my back.

This was before the new year, but was not posted. It had something to do with Wilson Goode Jr. being odd about his schedules...?