100th POST!!! Comics Issue 2010!

Every year, I take over the promotion of the Citypaper's Comics Issue (which is out on stands this thursday! This all begins with a logo, which you can see above. I just drew a tiny bit from the feel of the Iron-stamped type we see in big budget superhero movies, which I thought would be funny next to a bunch of simple lo-fi fan submitted comics.

The next major part of the promo campaign is the info cartoon (above...obviously). This is to let everyone know when to submit as well as giving a feel for what were looking for and what sizes we need. A previous version can be seen here. Every year this little thing involves an on-the-edge living paper, and a hamster. A Hamster.

Just a few logo variations during the design process. Ultimately the logo had to change because the illustrator we hired for the cover did not follow directions...?