Im sure I have said this before, but I am tasked to do FREE work through my job ALL THE TIME. Most of the time this is a logo, or a brochure, or recently a FULL WEBSITE (that I will post in the future). That being said, here are a few logo possibilities I created for the Girard Business and arts Association, and their proposed "Girard Fest".

Like usual, absolutely NO information was given that I may use to gear my design toward, so I had to make due with what little I knew. Green Trolleys ride along Girard (thus the green) and the head of the association sounded very authoritative. With this in mind I made a bunch of green, simple, straight-looking logos, adding in the circles inspired by the mapped stops on the L Train (also a prominent feature along Girard). In this case, I felt right by going a straight,clean route. Ultimately, it wasnt straight and clean enough. The final logo looked really really...simple.