This is a little Banner for the Autumn Society website. In case no one knows about them, check it out. They are a fantastic grouping of artists, illustrators and all around charismatic creatives.

This is a preview of an upcoming illustration for the Citypaper. The story is apart of the "Naked City" local news section, focusing on increasing the city budget for domestic abuse support services.

I copied the pose and overall look of a Lord Byron portrait. The style, of course, is different than the original victorian painterly approach. I chose this idea because the focus was on amateur writers in Philadelphia. The writer, in this case, is in a flooded basement, as we here in the tri-state area have been K.O.'d by mega-rainstorms lately. No-one seemed to get that, except my boss... she shrugged.

One of the many depressing facts about eating out is that we don't realize how dirty everything is. Someone took a further look into local restaurants and got themselves a birds-eye view of the filth.

The finds a cheaper way to demolish houses, and the editors find a way to get me to draw something about it.