OH NO! More illustrations.

This story concerned a new government policy basically shutting out the libertarian and other minor political parties from their share of the legislative vote. I used an old "Boss" Tweed illustration (below) as the base, and put the ole' Green party in the grinder. Anyone interested in who "boss" Tweed is go here.

The thing about this illustration that interests me, is that i used a process used by an artist I really admire named Adi Granov. Anyone not interested process would not find this interesting at all, but I recently found an article he took part in highlighting his methods, and was interested to see they were not so different from mine. His skill surpasses mine , of course, but the basic idea is there. He starts, and bases all his work, with pencil drawings. This may seem like a no-brainer to most, but these days, folks rely very heavily on photoshop, which I have always thought is a dangerous path. Most digital designers and illustrators are not taken as seriously as traditional artists because of the computer influence. I see the point they attempt to make, but with any digital art there is as much possibility for genuine art should you use the digital influence correctly. To make a long story short, Granov relies very much on the shade of the pencil and inkwash, and uses photoshop as an additional color element. The interesting part to me were the ways he allowed his color layers to interact. Using the transparency palette settings and mixing above vs below the artwork provides a really interesting depth to the project, and I feel maintains the color to print.

Grant it, this is merely I beginners effort. As i refine this process and make it more my own, I may put up a tutorial myself.

This illustration dealt with cracking down on office facebook, twitter, etc usage, and the tension it may cause.

In this failing economy, people are still paying exorbitant amounts of money on pet insurance. (that felt like the line from Monty Python's meaning of life, where the Corporate businessman says people aren't buying hats.)

Rental cops aren't getting paid for sick days.