4/29 Cover

This weeks cover deals with a very sinister situation in Philadelphia's government. The DROP program, by which government officials are rewarded a rather exorbitant sum following their retirement, seems to have a few holes in it. These same officials, have figured out a way to retire for a day and then go back to work, thus collecting their sum and maintaining a steady paycheck. This has added greatly to Philadelphia's budget crisis, and it has been going on for quite a few years without an end in sight.

My part here, obviously, has been the illustration. As it is, the illustration presents a landscape of $100 bills, with a large well of bills cut out in the shape of a briefcase-wielding man getting away with the rest of the loot taken out of the landscape. I feel like I have developed a comfortable digital process, where I am usually very happy with the result. This illustration is no different, however it took a little while to get here. This piece was supposed to run almost a month ago, and was pushed back further and further for whatever reason. I had finished the idea fairly quickly, as it is not so complex, and had much time to refine it (although I barely touched it in the interim).