Weeklies!...the ones i LIKE!

Here's the thing about doing weekly illustrations in a publication: they come in at the absolute LAST MINUTE. With time being so short, and deadlines looming, as well as other work piling up as you sketch, sometimes the work suffers. Such has been the case in a few things I have done in recent past. I hate this. I want to do good work, fun work, all the time. The fact that I sometimes pick up a paper and am dissatisfied with my contribution grates on my nerves harder than a running faceplant-slide. That being said, I have had to be a bit of a hardass about getting my assignments before the 5:00 hits on fridays, which Im not fond of doing. In any case here is some work I liked.

Sometimes when I can't to make an interesting color choice, I just let the old cutout filter do its thing and see what happens. Thats exactly what I did with this illustration, and the one below. I like the hard separations of color vs a more smooth blur of color. Thats how I learned to do digital color, with the hardness way down. But frankly, I hate that look. The work ends up looking airbrushed and maybe a little amateurish. Must learn further.