Robots and Scientists...and space

This week the paper is releasing its Science Issue, and to cover it all we have this sweet image of a friggin' robot. This thing looked pretty cool, but I thought its movement was a little limited. Apparently its a major deal, utilizing the energies of both American and Korean Robotics teams. I seem to remember having a dinosaur robot toy as a kid that did all the stuff this guy did (?) I dont know, thats why I make the pictures.

The photos were taken by our resident photographer Neal Santos (Check his site here for some really nice work), and the text done by a fellow designer. I added color and texture work in photoshop and illustrator, making a very subtle lunar landscape (seen below) and all the stars and space gasses. In the end the cropped shot was used to make room for ad space? I hate that.

In its glory.

Me and the bot. One of the original shots.