Comics Issue '09

For the past three years, I have been asked to create a mini comic as a curtain call for artist submissions. The first year, I create an absolutely horrendous piece of work. Even last year, even though the comic was heads and tails above the previous years, I was not absolutely satisfied. To dig myself out of the hole, I was not given much notice, and because of the nature of the assignment, there has always been far too much long-winded text, so the image suffers without space. However, I am quite pleased with this little dirty thing.

There are not many times, as a professional Designer/ Illustrator, that I am able to really do what I want. Usually I (we all designer/ illustrators) must bend and shift our styles and visions to satisfy the client, even at times we completely disagree with them. It is a push and pull, and usually the product produced is a "happy" medium between client and professional. All must learn the meaning of that word, professional. Recently I outlined a book, tentatively titled "The Client is Wrong, and you are probably Right" If I manage to get any time between projects, It would be a great stress-reliever to write designer-friendly book. Oh well, maybe, but getting back to topic. There simply are not many times you can just have fun, but this was one. It is reminiscent of my personal/ just for me work usually found within the pages of my sketchbook, so this was a fun little thing to get paid for. Ultimately, what a dream it would be to get paid full time doing work like this, but better and bigger. But it will have to do for now.