Ad Roundup!!!

Once again, I pool my latest all-original "ad-agency-on-the-cheap" creations for clients not necessarily looking for advertising. Lucky for me, all of these were bought.

This was actually commissioned, unlike the others. There is a short series of weekly happy hours called "moveable feast". I was interested in bringing a little Hemingway style, 40's Key west vibe to the ad, thinking it would make it more appealing as a summer fet. The smokey image of Philly, the elongated type and colors seemed to convey exactly what I wanted. Originally the image in the back was paris, but Philly was better... probably because the happy hour IS IN PHILLY.

UFC is holding a major match? meet? Something locally, so I made this for comcast, who I heard was looking for new ideas to sell the pay-per-view special. I decided to cop a little Street Fighter themes and create a video-gamed theme, under the supposition that the same video-game playing public would be the types to sit down and watch a bunch of guys beat the snot out of each other. Turns out, in this small case, I was right.

This little mess was for a local watering hole's annual "Beer Festival". I had wanted to make something this messy and mixed for a while. One hand I like it as a piece of advertising, but it may venture too far into the whole "messy type" thing for my taste. But still, the client seemed to like it,and so it ran. Also, this was a full page ad, so even the tiny type WAS legible.