Onesheet Roundup!

To jog anyones(?) memory, onesheets are basically small posters used by salespeople to sell ads for upcoming special issues. This is a onesheet for the Fall Arts Preview, meant to (you guessed it!) show off all the arts events in the fall. I wished we could print in, or use some sort of foil stamping. I think the brush painting in the gold leaves would look great with a subtle sheen. Maybe that would be too gaudy. Im not the most impressed with my type design on this, but for a first run, I like it.

This one is for the Book Quarterly. Again, the title is the concept, four times a year, all about books. This time, I was able to put myself in as the librarian grabbing a book. I had originally wanted the librarian grabbing a book, and the book would be represented by a letter that was crooked from being "picked" out of its word. But it I really like this one, actually.