From the Vault...

What seems like ages ago, I and a few friends put together a production company Called "Never Odd or Even. We wrote plays, we had fundraisers, we wrote together, worked together, and basically had alot of fun working our knuckles to the bone for the art of it (no pay). Primarily, our task was to put together comedy theater and fun parties. My task as "Art Director" of this company, was to do every visual thing we ever needed. Simple.For a short time we had a dedicated space/theater dubbed "the Clubhouse". Here are a few (of the many) flyers produced.

This is the handbill that was produced to promote a selection of our events.To give an idea of how many events within a few months, about three of these were made.

Our half attempt at a music festival...The NEVERFEST! Unfortunately this Woodstock turned more into a backyard bbq, but in the end became a really lighthearted, fun day of laughs, strange Philly musicians, and lots of people who normally wouldn't be seen together becoming friends and sharing a beer (we built a bar into the space too!).

Over the course of our three-year existence, our most successful events were Proms and our Carnivals. This is the last carnival we had and it was a blow out! Firebreathers, Peep Booths, a Tarot card reader, games and prizes and more!

To open our fanbase, we planned a full goth party. we had a few Dj's, specialty cocktails and excellent atmosphere, but at the last minute, everything went south. I cant remember exactly why, I believe it had to do with a jealous promoter.

This was not an event held within the Clubhouse. But it was the reason we were ABLE to afford the clubhouse.

Below are photos of the Clubhouse, as well as a few shots of our show "Skindog"