A seemingly mysterious project was recently thrust upon me, whereas I was supposed to design a logo for a party for which no real details were given. After doing a little prying, and getting the art director to do a little more prying, I managed to dislodge only a few word: College, party, philadelphia, classy, interactive.

Strange. Interactive? Like a website? some sort of interface? No, just a logo.

Without too much hesitation, I completed a few sketches

This is more the "party" theme. I have noticed a few designers and artists incorporating more ethereal/ illustrated elements in logos, creating more atmosphere than simple, directly strong brands. So this would do that. Lots of color, lots of "style"

I took the idea of classy college and incorporated them into a simple crest. The dynamic part here, would be to make the crest bold in that branding/ vector image way, by adding bare but essential elements of the philly skyline, against similarly stylized party ephemera.

This was the "interactive" all the way. The apple clicking finger, the cell-shaded button, you name it. I thought more in terms of ads for this event and marketing tools we would have to make anyway. I made small sketches featuring the button as a lead in to some aspect of the party you could "click" on, or just remember...or something. Anyway, those sketches are at the right.

After some short deliberation, the first sketch was chosen. I first went through ways this could be used small and simple. I figured the larger, more illustrated versions would have to run larger, as to not miss any of the details, but in the meantime I needed something to run small in marketing materials as well as being a strong brand should we need it. So thats this.

This could be an option, should the logo need to run horizontal.

Finally I created the more blown out version that could be used in flyers and brochures, and a possible flag or pennant as was once mentioned. I used a lot of hubble space photo elements to create a bit of an airy feel to it. I didn't want party confetti and balloons because, well that would be a little strange. I did, however. wanted that kind of joviality to it. Its supposed to be college, but its also supposed to be fun and frivolous. The confetti turned to stars and colors evoking fireworks and the balloons became the elements of the city and a popping champagne bottle. And thats exactly what this and the next two are all about.

I just threw this in. Its the stylesheet I used to propose the more simplified logo. Gladly I went really simple, as all that added flash seemed ugly.