Audi Ads.

A few weeks ago I was asked to make a pitch for a series of ads for Audi motor vehicles. At the time, it was more of a chance sale, Audi was not necessarily in to buy, but It was pitched. So I created a series of sketches detailing the creation of one of their 2009 automobiles, heavily featuring some of their newest and more innovative advancements.

The first panel showed the most basic elements of the car: the tires/wheels and engine. This panel showcased the forging of the car, and the idea of their new recuperative energy system. This uses the continued motion of the wheels to create energy which is fed back to the battery and ultimately the engine. This system was shown with waves of color connecting these parts after the creation of the vehicle in the sparks in the beginning. Another element is the hands and clipboard which represent the ability for the consumer to basically control the creation and customization of the vehicle.

The second panel showcases audi's push to use clean fuels and produce their cars in clean or"green" factories using "green" energy. The same lines of color present in the first panel are here, yet are accompanied by elements of sunflowers and air which are key elements of biofuel.

The final panel shows the car in full. The consumer has now thrown away their clipboard and papers, and is free to experience their new Audi auto.

To back up my idea, I created a somewhat finished mockup of the first panel. This is basically exactly how I want the ads to look.

I always like to put together a little something for a pitch, especially if it is by email. This page is something the client can print and send around to whomever is needed to see it and contribute ideas. I am still waiting to hear from the company, but the design stands. I still will finish the project, even if it does not come to fruition. Just because.