Mega Illustration roundup!

These past two weeks have been extremely busy. Thats what happens when people above you quit, the trickle down is a hurricane. In any case, one delightful byproduct seems to be that I get more illustration requests!

The first (first because I like it the most, not because it came first) is a (very)quick illustration of Jean-michel Basquiat. I have long admired his work and was eager to try something on a whim. I didn't want to over-think this one, which was fine because I wasn't given much time to complete this. Like most jobs recently I grabbed my sharpie and made the semi-permanence flow. Its rough and it should be, its a gesture illustration.

This one took a little more. I had to convey how a deposed city councilmen had rose to infamy by being used and abused by his superiors and greedy businesspeople. On the fly I had to think of the not-so-clever-but-right analogy of the forgotten puppet. So there it is. I owe thanks again to my wacom tablet. The trustiest tool there ever was besides a six-shooter.

Look, Im no huge sports fan. I live in Philadelphia, and this guy T.O. Is a former eagle who pissed many people off and then went to play for the cowboys. I guess this story was about a group of people who wanted him back. The boss said, "give him a shit-eating grin" so I did. Once again, a quick, sharpie-made sketch.

A new section called "Budget Cuts" needed a header illustration. A cleaver, a stack of bills. I think so. I know so.

I dont REALLY like this illustration. But its another case of the boss saying "make someone look like a jerk", except this time it was Mr. Met, for a story by someone who hates the mets.

Sometime soon I will update with more DESIGN work, instead of just illustration stuff. People just want a ton from my pen and pencil.