Robots and Scientists.

For my most recent cover illustration, I was tasked with making an either sexy or monstrous version of a slot machine, to highlight a story about recent and future casino openings in the city limits. I found this to be a bit perplexing, for as simple as this task seemed to be in concept stage, it became oddly hard at the drawing table. I decided to pick one of the two types (sexy or monstrous) and came up with the following concept:

If this had been approved, I would have made it more of a cyborg, mixing organic and machine parts, covered in glowing symbols adorned with half-naked women. It basically would have been like the "Dante's Inferno Room" strip club from beetlejuice. (sorry, couldn't find a picture) In any case, it was turned down, and I was sent back to my sharpies. What followed was a mixture that eventually looked like this:

The work here seemed to fit a little better. By focusing on the sexy and turning the monstrous into more of an intimidation, I would make a fairly streamlined android. Having the rolling bits in the cleavage didn't hurt either. All, of this lead to This:

My main interest in this piece, was that I had to learn how to paint metal. I did not really had the chance to do this like I had for this piece, but in the end, Im pleased with how it turned out. Learning, who would have thought. Oh! and there was an inside illustration as shown below!

Business as usual for this one. Actually, the more I see this I dislike it a bit. That first scientist has a HUGE head!