Brand New Speciaities!

As I have said before, I am frequently called upon to create original ad campaigns/ special ads for simply show, or at the very least possibility, for sale (see HERE).

Like before, the ad was for a movie. Only this time, the movie was the WATCHMEN, something I was not only excited about, but knowledgeable, as I am a comic book reader. There were no strings on this thing, so I just went nuts and threw together some fun compositions. Here go the winning submissions...

These first few were just simple, blowing out a standard page into something a little more than ordinary. Strange colors, graphics bled over type...usual first round stuff.

These are the ones that really hit the mark. I thought it would be interesting if the paper had looked like it was trampled through the rain, and out of that mess the movie logo emerged. I tried to stay fairly close to the comic book logo, as the movie is supposed to do the same.