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Three Cheers...

Three Cheers to the End of Things, is a new book Im working on that will be available from Lulu (sometime soon). The book itself is a collection of short prose and poetry (of sort) that is put together as a narrative. The book begins in darkness, and details a persons ascent from depression through stages to a sort of maniacal acceptance of the world, which is highlighted by the end of the world.

More than a collection of old "stuff", the book is another chance to create a visual story. Each spread and section travels through the ideas highlighted in the text, backing it up and hopefully helping the reader navigate the "story" much like the central character is. In addition to this, I am finishing up a series of paintings that acts as a visual accompaniment, or further highlight of the stages of the book. The plan is to release the book (as a download and an actual physical book) and a few months later have an art show of the paintings, where people can read the book and see the paintings, thus creating a complete version of the idea. Hopefully this all works out as planned.