Channeling Tex Avery...

Like any "artist-for-hire" (substitute any proffessional title in the "artist" slot) will know, you aint gettin' what YOU want ALL the time. Case in point, the above illustration, recently completed by myself for a news story about a botched arrest in a public place (which was basically the description I received). The only real details given were, (A) they wanted a man's face pressed against the window of a high society party (B) a little girl was watching was watching from inside.

With those directions, I produced the very crude draft below. Now, I liked this version. There was just something funny and carotoonish about it that I liked. I had never drawn a smushed face on glass before, so there was that.

But things changed. It turns out the little girl was watching from outside, not inside. The planned Illustration I began, no did not work. No problem. I had to move a few things around, change the vantage point, then I could get going.

So then came this version. The boss' liked it, I liked it, and soon it was approved. After a little color, a little more color, a little luck, I had a finished version that looked ok.

But things changed again. The cops face was not well received Nobody liked the mutant pig (as seen below). So with a little more luck and a little more color, the above was completed and finally approved. I still like that big menacing pig head. Might use it somewhere else.