An ongoing project....

Art is made more interesting by each individuals take on an idea, which may have been around for centuries. What I love best about being an "artist" (still have a hard time using that word), is to be able to allow someone to see something we all take for granted, perhaps something we see every day, in a different way. The ability to reinvent ANYTHING is probably what drew me to design. That being said, this is a personal redesign for playing cards.

Not long ago, I began thinking about designing my own playing cards, my own chess and checkers pieces etc. This interest stretched even into personally designed silverware. Its a sickness. So these two illustrations began as the back of the cards, a place usually reserved for the most illustrative elements. After a bit of investigation into the origin of playing cards, I managed to finish the entire suites design. However, after I finished, my interests waned and I put the project on the shelf with many other ideas I lost steam on.

Truth be told, I was not entirely satisfied. I think, more than anything, I wanted the finished project so much that I rushed the process. In any case, I was very satisfied with the initial drawing (shown above) and will use it in an upcoming literary/illustration project. I still have not forgotten the playing cards though, and I WILL begin again soon.

Step 2